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Day 26 ($2.25) and Day 27 ($0): Fountain Art Fair

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I checked out the Fountain Art Fair with Eric J. since he had free passes ($2.25 for the Metro). Allison Berkoy’s video installation on the Frying Pan was the most memorable and eerie thing I saw all night. Bandage-wrapped mannequins with blank faces molded from canvas were set up in the boat. The mannequins had videos of faces projected on them which made them look alive. If I were trapped on that boat by myself I would pee my pants and then have to commit suicide out of fright.

After a late night stop at a birthday party and snarfing down junk food at 3AM (is there any creation more perfect than a Cheeto?), Saturday was spent recuperating with tons of movies and as little movement as possible.


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March 7, 2010 at 5:46 pm

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